Award Recipients

Each spring the Junior League of Edmonton comes together at an awards banquet to celebrate a year’s worth of accomplishments with actives, sustainers and provisional members. Not only do we reflect on all that we’ve achieved during our  membership year, we welcome all provisional members into active status and honour several outstanding members through our awards program.

Award Recipients:

-Marion Shipley Sustainer Award
The Junior League of Edmonton established this award to honour one Junior League Sustainer each year who has made an outstanding contribution to her community. The award acknowledges the Sustainer who best demonstrates the spirit of volunteerism, the value of League training and the qualities of organization, responsibility, community concern and caring for others.

Past recipients include:

Margaret Andrekson, Margaret Korby, Shirley MacArthur, Nancy Ragan, Allison Edwards, Margaret Skelley, Vicki Vaitkunas, Sue Currie, Bettie Hewes, Irma Young, Marjorie Bowker, Lynda Tutty, Janet Bentley, Patricia Workun, Elizabeth McBride, Donna Steele, Marion Morgan, Diane Gagnon, Betty Ross, Patricia Ross, Donna Stickland, Carolyn Pratt, Maryette Harper, Iris Saunders (2010), Betty Carlson (2011), Vicki Vaitkunas (2012), Gwen Harris (2013), Melanie Nakatsui (2014), Ann Tweddle (2015), Evelyn Henderson (2016), Kim Krushell (2017)

-Active of the Year Award
The Junior League of Edmonton established this award in 2002 to recognize one active member each year who exemplifies the League’s missions of promoting voluntarism developing the potential of women and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. As ambassadors of the League, these women not only do an outstanding job of fulfilling all the responsibilities associated with their placement but also above and beyond the call of duty in other areas of the League. The award acknowledges the active member who best demonstrates the spirit of voluntarism, the value of teamwork and the willingness to take on new challenges in order to build a better community.

Past recipients include:

Alison Schneider (2002), DeAnn Hunter (2003), Melanie Nakatsui (2004), Diane Kenny (2005), Tracie Hokanson (2006), Cathy Douglas (2007), Aggie Mikulski (2008), Kathy House (2009), Nicole Baldwin (2010), Monita Chapman (2011), Megan Demers (2012), Erin Herle & Carol McBee (2013), Valerie Malone (2014), Tamara Wright (2015), Phalyn Chenard (2016), Amanda Adzich

-New Member of the Year Award
The Junior League of Edmonton established this award in 2015 to recognize a New Member who has a strong desire to volunteer, the willingness to devote her time to our projects as well as training and planning meetings and is motivated to develop her own potential. In addition to showcasing creativity and enthusiasm in the planning of her new member project, this member shares our commitment to voluntarism and is eager to explore new opportunities for growth within the Junior League of Edmonton.


Past recipients include:

Meghan Baxter (2015), Katie Lee (2016), Sarah Jackson, Alysia Tassone  (2017)

-Joan Crocker Award
The Joan Crocker award was created to foster and honour exemplary volunteer community and civic leadership of actively participating members of the Canadian Junior Leagues. The award recognizes actively participating members who embrace and demonstrate exemplary volunteer community and civic leadership. It is also intended to bring an increased awareness of the Canadian Federation of Junior Leagues to the entire membership of Canadian Junior Leagues.

Past recipients include:

Nicole Baldwin (2012), Kathy House (2013), Jacqueline Costello (2014), Phalyn Chenard (2015), Rosemary Malowany (2016) Sharon Mvundura (2017)