Who We Are

About the Junior League of Edmonton

For more than 85 years, the Junior League of Edmonton (JLE) has provided women the opportunity to become effective community volunteers. Through our numerous Community Projects we have left a lasting legacy in our community.

Governed by a twelve-member board of directors, the JLE currently has more than 140 active and sustaining members.

Active members participate in a variety of programming, fundraising and training opportunities. Through this unique training, League members learn to manage and train volunteers, unite communities and form partnerships.

Sustaining members are past Active members that have served a minimum of 5 years of Active status. Sustaining members continue to support the League and their community in various ways and often serve as mentors, educators and advisors to current Active members.

Our Community Belief Statements

The JLE holds the following community beliefs:

Individuals and Family

The Junior League of Edmonton supports and promotes individuals and families having the right to opportunities, services and facilities essential for optimal physical, intellectual, emotional and social well-being.


The Junior League of Edmonton supports and promotes the development and improvement of literacy within families and our community.

Restoration and Preservation of Historic Buildings

The Junior League of Edmonton supports restoration and preservation of historic buildings and education of our membership and the public on the importance of our Canadian heritage.


The Junior League of Edmonton supports and promotes voluntarism as an essential component of our society and will continue to take action which will ensure the effectiveness of the voluntary sector.

Our Training Program

The Junior League of Edmonton is committed to training volunteers to be a leading force in meeting community needs through direct service projects and programs. Junior League members are trained to enhance or develop skills needed for community leadership through participation on League committees, projects and workshops and by directly volunteering in the community.

How We’re Funded

Funds are raised for the community through JLE endorsed initiatives and special events, while nominal membership dues give support our day-to-day operations and our training programs.