C&E Railway Station Museum


Built by the C & E Railway Company along standard plans used by the parent company, CPR, the original building would have been on of 11 such stations built throughout the prairies. The two story station house contained a public section made up of the station master’s office, waiting rooms, and an express room, as well as a private section where the station master and his family lived.

In 1977, the Junior League of Edmonton decided to restore the station to serve as a headquarters. However, the original station was deemed unsalvageable so it was decided to build a replica instead. The new C & E Station officially opened in 1982. Since then the Junior League, with help from private donors and the Edmonton Morse Telegraph Club, has developed the station into a Railway Museum that has become an integral part of the Old Strathcona community.

The C & E Railway Station Museum has collected a large number of railway artifacts to help visitors learn about how the station operated. Visitors will be surrounded by period furnishings, clothing, photographs, and Ninteeth Century train station souvenirs as they walk through the station.