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How to get your risk profile right.

By: Sherry Prince, Investors Group Financial Services Inc.

Every investor fears losing money but if you panic when there’s an unexpected drop in the
market or a minor recession and throw away your carefully crafted financial plan, you can be
certain of one thing: Your risk profile isn’t right.

Of course, […]

Top financial must dos for Millennials

By: Sherry Prince, Associate Consultant (Investors Group Financial Services Inc.)

Millennials – a term used to describe people born between 1980 and 2000 along with Generation Y or the Echo Boom -- are expected to have the same impact as the Baby Boom generation on politics, the workplace, culture and business* […]

What motivates you to contribute to your RRSP or TFSA?

Junior League of Edmonton is pleased to welcome Sherry Price from Investors Group  to our blog space to share some financial tips with our members! Investors Group (specifically Sherry and Collin Prince) sponsored our Homes For the Holidays Fundraiser two years in a row. They gave $3000 and set up […]


By Amanda Mouait

The Junior League of Edmonton is committed to developing the potential of women through effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. It is a place that offers women the opportunity to strengthen their existing skills, build new skills and support their community in the process. We are […]

2018 Joan Crocker Award!

By Samantha Parker

The Joan Crocker award was created to foster and honour exemplary volunteer community and civic leadership of actively participating members of the Canadian Junior Leagues. The award recognizes actively participating members who embrace and demonstrate exemplary volunteer community and civic leadership. It is also intended to bring […]

2018 Active of the Year Award!

By Samantha Parker

The Junior League of Edmonton established the Active of the Year award in 2002 as a way to recognize one active member per year, who exemplifies the League’s mission of promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving the community through the effective action and leadership […]

2018 New Member of the Year Award!

By Samantha Parker


The New Member of the Year Award was  established  in 2015 to recognize a New Member who has a strong desire to volunteer, the willingness to devote her time to our projects as well as training and planning meetings, and is motivated to develop her own potential. […]

JLE Takes Orlando: ODI Recap

By Kemi Kufuor-Boakye and Keely Evans

Organizational Development Institutes, or ODIs, are a series of educational training workshops delivered throughout the year by the Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI). Year after year, ODIs demonstrate their effectiveness as informative, inspiring and innovative destination training programs.

The first ODI of the […]

Recapping iMedia 2018

By Samantha Parker


Recently Jeng and I had the opportunity to go to  iMEDIA Social Media Conference on behalf of the League. It was really amazing! So much information and not enough time to head it all. I was able to attend info sessions on Instagram, SEO, and organizing […]

Destressing Tips & Tricks: Notes from Galentine’s Day

By Alysia Tassone


A few weeks ago, we had the wonderful opportunity to welcome Meg, owner of  Navina Yoga to our February JLE Training Session. This training was centered on personal well-being and overall stress management. Meg has been a Yoga Instructor for 14 years. She recounted the way […]